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Discover the beauty of the Bohemian Karst

The Karlštejn Castle

The Karlštejn Castle is the most historically and architectonically significant castle. There, you can not only see the Czech crown jewels and a collection of holy relics, but also experience your Day at Karlštejn. You can also admire a part of the protected landscape area of the Bohemian Karst.

Koněprusy Caves

You should not leave out a visit to the longest cave system in Bohemia - the Koněprusy Caves. They can be accessed from 1 April to 31 October. The Koněprusy Caves are protected as a natural monument of the Czech Republic.

Svatý Jan pod Skalou

Svatý Jan pod Skalou is in the heart of the protected landscape area of the Bohemian Karst. It is among the most interesting tourist locations in the district.


If you like castle ruins, you must not forget about Točník, which was established by Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia. The castle is protected as a cultural monument, and together with the ruins of the Žebrák Castle, it is protected as a national cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

Big America and Little America

They are flooded quarries called Big America and Little America. It is a limestone quarry and is one of the largest local quarries.

Chrustenice shaft

The Chrustenice shaft is a publicly accessible exposition of an iron mine. You will find it in the village of Chrustenice in the Beroun District. In its time, it was the largest and most important mine in the Barrandien area.

Beroun bear garden

From time immemorial, the town of Beroun has had the bear in its emblem. The Beroun bear garden gave a home to the famous bears from Václav Chaloupek's evening television program for children called Méďové (Little Bears).

Beroun water park

If you are looking for refreshment on the steamy summer days, we recommend the Beroun water park. It is a modern water park with a lot of water attractions. There is also a restaurant and an outdoor terrace.

Karlštejn Golf Resort

You can also spend an active holiday on a golf course. The Karlštejn Golf Resort offers one of the most well-designed, yet difficult to play on, Czech courses. During the game, you can enjoy the view of the Karlštejn Castle.

Other activities

Other possible activities include fishing on Berounka and sightseeing flights by helicopter and hot air balloon above the surrounding area. For those with more physical prowess, there are climbing rocks.

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